Thursday, March 09, 2006

In the World of Skeletons

What is the skeleton version of a popular 70’s rock group?
“Emerson, Lake & Skeleton”.

Hot new sitcom?
"My Name Is Earl, the Skeleton"

What is the skeleton version of a late-night comedy show?
“Saturday Night Skeleton”.

What is the name of an old-school skeleton adult film?
“Skeleton Does Dallas”.

New-school skeleton adult film?
"Ass-Banged Skeletons, Vol. 5"

What do most skeletons think about Celine Dion?
They think she sucks.

Why did the skeleton cross the road?
To get the chicken on the other side. Skeletons like chickens.

What is the 70’s skeleton movie with Charlton Heston and simians?
“Planet of the Apes Skeletons”.

What is a movie that Rob Schneider would star in?
“The Retarded Skeleton”.

What do lonely skeleton shepherds have sex with?
Sheep skeletons.

What is a popular skeleton funk band?
“Earth, Wind, Skeletons & Fire”.

What is a Rick Moranis movie?
“Skeleton, I Shrunk the Skeletons!”

Disney cartoon?
“Snow White & Skeleton, Skeleton, Skeleton, Skeleton, Skeleton, Skeleton & Skeleton”.

Nursery Rhyme?
“The Old Female Skeleton Who Lived in the Skeleton’s Shoe”.

Successful producer/musician?
Puff Skeleton.

Prop comic?
Carrot Skeleton.

Awful 70’s band?
Skeleton Mac.

Kevin Costner?
The Skeleton Nobody Likes Anymore.

Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman movie?
“Two Tiny Skeletons”.

Chef Boyardee products?
“ Fictitious Italian Skeleton’s Crap in a Tin Can”.

The country Finland?
The Republic of Boring Skeleton That Nobody Knows Exactly Where It Is.

Two Fox TV shows?
“That 70’s Skeleton” & “Skeleton in the Middle”.

"He-Man" villian?


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