Wednesday, January 31, 2007

BAND NAMES - The Farewell List

Tiny Daddies
Lonely Stallion
Silly Dark Sissy
Rhino Wax
Vaterland Disco
Mom to Spare
Bestiality in My Soup
Ceramics J. Bobbs
Enigmatic Soda Jerk
Calling All Schpogs
Moody, But Well-Groomed
Jehova's Witness Protection Program
Cucumber For Friend
Battered Closet Masturbators
Flesh on a Kaiser
Organ Loaner
Three Nuns And A Harpoon
Seka's Grandma
Canine Confederate
Slovenly Maverick
Hair Meets Eyebrow
The Whom
Mysterious Dog
The Insipid Lovers
Faithful She-Male
Puff Peace
Pope Inna Camaro
But, Plug
Anal Dwarf
Lost in Strangerville
Fred 'Lil' Devil' Davis
Pus on Prom Night
400lb. Priest
Rectal Vanity Mirror
Abstract Ignorance
Mood Cock Ring
Comical Blue Laser
Luke Warm Space
South of Mouth
Hold My Hedgehog
Ballsy Janitors
Boogie-Woogie Flyin' Cloud
Three Bear Julie
Intense Bachelors
Bald Girlfriend
Nocturnally Faithful
Lair of the Paperboy
Ultrasuede Mood Decade
Experimental Shoe Shine
Savagely Funny Broker
Subtlety Hygienic
Hey Humperdink
Humperdink Humperdink Humperdink
Lonesome Lion
Spanish Fly Fishing
Onion Cock Rings
Cindie Mackell and Prosthetic Boy
Pee Wee Manson
International House of the Unclean
Depressed Butchers
Attack of Life
10 Yr. Old Odor
Elvis Reads
Warm Pen
Centipede Baby Fat
Bad Leather
Sodomy Made Simple
Sweet Spread Eagle
Accountants Anonymous
Unspectacular Crotch
Boy Mansion
Dick and Dick
Personality Ointment
Share the Dead
Big Brother In-Law
Mega Fathers
Small Mom
Rice and Tits
Well Hung Angels
Come In To My Closet
Side Order of Fat
Burnt Breakfast
Coati Foetus
Ugly Brothers
Imaginary Pet
Hillbilly Reunion
Overly Friendly Uncle
Pope in a Drum
Pole Vaulting With Derek
Moist Attack
Plantar's Wart Party
Grandma Smells
Breast of Hamster
Nun Fun
My Meat
Personality Extender
Clean Toilet Seat
Dancin' With Dada
Aesthetic Persuasion
A Minor Key Feeling
Realm of Rationality
A Palpable Pain
Tubular Shipper/Receiver
WW II and Robin
Mushrooms on My Crotch
Pay For The Pork
Screaming Tim Carter
Psychic Chocolate Bunny
Hippies Cause Cancer


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