Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Poems about Rock Stars, pt. 1

The Cult

First, they were called “Southern Death Cult”.
“Too gloomy - not marketable enough”
droned record execs.
Then they tried “Death Cult”.
“Still too narrow in appeal - you need a more
accessible name. Do you want to sell
records or not?”

Lo, “The Cult”.
And it worked.
Really well.
For a while. But the winds of
Fickle tastes blew.

Desperate, they were going to
rename themselves
“The Hard Rock Band”
but lawyers for both the
"Hard Rock Cafe"
"The Band”
threatened lawsuits.

Exasperated, The Cult (actually the two guys who were left) finally said “Fuck it! Let’s ride Harley’s in L.A. like Morrison did!”
And at that precise moment, somewhere in the world, a dog farted.


Blogger gastrosod said...

i saw those faggots so long ago that some faggot named lenny kravitz opened up for them and everyone was like, "who is this faggot?" then that dog farted again, right in the face of arnold schwarzenfaggot, and he stood up and set right about passing legislation making homosexuality the state bird.

8:26 AM  

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