Thursday, August 24, 2006

Names Guaranteed To Get You A High School Beating

Farian Q. Darylimple III
Marcel Boodleberg
Faustus Mittendorf
P.P. Poppelthwaite
Clancy Paisley
Ludivico Tata
Adley Cumswit
Louie Mamalovi
Hemesties V. Farleypop
Farden Darden
A.A. Dandythistle
Alley Pimpthlimp Jr.
Nicaka Papadapapoupolous
Dick Pianesis
Ashleigh Mossop
Rigel Hasselflass
Phedon Papamichael
Tommy Turtletaub
Max Peejar
Martin Gimpnik
Tidley T. Popocramm
Fox Butterfield
Arly Aho
Rowley Fahrquar
Bob Stule
Herman Sweetpoole
Garth Barth
Chuck Upjohn
Rex Goldenrod
Irving Smallbagge
Wendell Sporn
Dave Inman
Peter Hartüule
Juan Focfacé
Edwin Toopletrot
Abi Hommos
Emerson Schiesmaltz
Sheldon Peters Wolfchild
Dick Armey


Blogger gastrosod said...

you forgot mark jessup

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Tidley T. Popocramm said...

Pardon me, but on behalf of the entire Popocramm Clan, fuck you and the faggy Swedish vehicle you rode in on.

How could you possibly include my name, yet fail to include Dorcas Bean?

10:23 PM  

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