Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Band Names pt. 2

English Class Feelie-Wheelie
Goth in a Hyundai
Colorado Butt Plug
Suave Taxidermist
Skinny Pop
Los Halitosis
Bob & The Family Stone
Fatty's Pure Experience
Pinky the Man
Dept. Store Jerk
Dead Christmas Pet
Gavin Walks Erect
Pale Farmer
Stunt Dinner
Silent Virgin Partner
Pizza Boy Teaser
Lonely Polaroid User
United Pocket Friends
Satan's Soiled Computer
Southern Gay Socialist
Four Eyed Angel
Elevator Clean Lick
Recreational Vegetable
Fatty's Playpen
Clean Old Bag
Mean Beard Pâté
Serious Self-Worship
Pretty With Moustache
Blowtorch Rectum Dayz
Cocks Dance Bad
15-Minute Attraction
Cajun Brother-In-Law
Doomed to Tepidity
Famous Bleeding Ear
Love Smells Like Fish
Open My Raincoat
The Unclean Sisters
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Sodom
Benign Urinal Bride
Actors & Farmers
Half Pig Head
Music For Leopold
Pimple Boy Back
The Cleanliness Duende 5
Hot Dog Farm
Insignificant Crotch


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