Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday's Poetry Corner


He was a lousy lover.
Often, he would climax whilst still in his underpants.
Other times, he would plow on for hours, impervious to
his partner’s discomfort and disinterest.
He would shriek like a schoolgirl if his lover got
anywhere near his anus.
He would grunt “You done yet?
Instead of foreplay, he would tell his partner to
diddle yourself and call me when you’re sufficiently
lubricated for entry”

But, he gave freely of his time and money to worthy and
noble causes.

He was a lousy lover.
And he was a great humanitarian.
And that’s irony.
I think.


Blogger gastrosod said...

he was such a bad lover,
this bad lover,
that he would come blue powder
and mow the lawn
in his semen glove.

11:23 PM  

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