Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rejected Advertising "Tag Lines"

Did I ever tell you how good you look in these pants? Now buy this Kia™.

I ate deli today. My number was 33. LUCKY DUCK!!!

Ever burp and taste a hot dog you ate four days ago? ME TOO!

Happy Halloween! Here! EAT THIS!!!

You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. You like picking, eh?

High Five Good Times Super Rock 'n' Roll Party Time!

Good cheese, good meat, good grief!

All our dogs are insane! But our product is sound as the pound, mate.

Metamorphose into this, buddy! (we're holding up one finger)

Ninja kick-to-the-head kind of thrills. Click now!

Golden Age Green Aquadude swears by us.

Buy 1225 and get a free can of beans!

BLESS YOU!!! BLESS YOU!!! You buy our products! Now we eat steak!

I'm sitting down as I write this. You don't want to know why.

I love to cook hot dogs. I love to cook 'em now. I love to cook hot dogs...OW!

Contains plastic parts. And chiggers.

Don't worry, this site emits "good radiation".

Not fit for human consumption. But you're ok.

Made in Bulemia.

Now, with special "Cool Dude Formula!"

Nasonex™. Mouth-watering good.

Do not inhale.

Meets minimum acceptable requirements.

We pass the savings into our pockets.

What you don't know won't hurt you.

Offer valid in no 50 states.

Other eggs suck.

Dig in, gluttons!

Contains "ooze"

Made with lava.

Naked Wop™ Ravioli. Consult a physician before using.

You like meat don't you? (perv)

Causes temporary madness.

Tittie. Big Tittie. Walter Mitty.

Corn is nice. It doesn't talk back.

Use round numbers like 10 or 20 -- not 17.86!!!

I am the walrus. I typed this with my "Flip-Pad"™!

Stampy™, the Super-Stamp hero, says "I hate minorities"!

Turn left at Maple, then go to heck-ville.

Tadpole's in the house, y'all!

All you do is run at super-speed all day. BOR-RING!!!

Thank you for refusing to live underwater, like all the others.

When someone says, "blanket of lies", I hear "blanket of flies".

Calendar Girl, why do you mock me so?

Cat say stop, cat say go, cat say stay away from popo!

Mr. Hard makes ice, Mr. Hard makes rice. Mr. Hard needs more spice!

Take off your socks. Now smell your feet. You'll do anything we say won't you?

Tired of pulling dad's finger? Play our games. FUN!!!

Wee birdy, flying so high. Wee birdy, now you must die.



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