Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In the weekend newspaper, there was an insert from "The Learning Annex".
Three-hour classes ranging from "How To Start A Home Based Word Processing Business" to "How To Drive A Woman Wild In Bed".

Inspired, I've created my own "Learning Add-On" courses:

How To Profit From Other People's Misery

How To Tell If Your Neighbor Is A Pervert

How To Talk About Haiku Poetry With A Porn Star

Teach Your Dog To Smoke

The "Blue Flame" And Its Uses For Good

How To Be More Gay

How To Be Proud Of Your Failed Life

Offend Almost Anyone

How To Get Even With Your Children

Basic Harpoon Techniques For Nuns

Using The Metric System To Make Your Penis Larger

How To Turn Back Hair Into A Promotional Vehicle

Why Talking About "Star Trek" Will Ruin A First Date

How To Successfully Dress Like Louis XIV At The Office

Make Decorative Gift Baskets From Your Toenail Clippings

How To Get More Than One Copy From The Newspaper Box

How To Trick The Amish Out Of Honey

Turn Your Garage Into A Small Dildo Factory

How To Cope With Genital Hair Loss

Overcoming Your Fear Of Hippies

Make Your Own Godzilla Costume

How To Turn Your Imaginary Friend Into Dolly Parton

The Heimlich Manouver - Satan's Tool?

How To Tell If Jesus Hates You

Poon's Tang - Recipes Using Tang As Taught By Mark Poon

"Size Doesn't Matter" And Other Great Lies Of The 20th Century

Cool People Who Died Of Lung Cancer

How To Make Sourdough Bread From Dust

What To Do In Case Of Apocalypse

Turn Your Car Into The Perfect Guest Home

Fight Crime With Your Home Made Suit Of Armor


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