Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sweet Sorrow

I know of Sweet Sorrow.
O, too well!
Let me relate a tale of exultation tainted…

Once, years ago, in a relentless grip of profound loneliness, I ventured into a pornography shop. Who did I see amidst the racks of ass-to-mouth and granny-tranny videos, but my almost lovely co-worker at ShoeSource.com, Katrina Flentons.


She gave me a cold, disinterested look, one that conveyed that she didn’t even know who I was, and then went to the cash register with a dildo fun-pack. At the checkout, she was joined by a man who I assumed was intimate with her. He was carrying a case of warming lube, several butt-plugs of varying sizes, and two or three cock-rings. Maria and her gentleman companion then left together, without so much as a backwards glance.


Later that night, I defiled and abused my tender body and soul in ways that left me in a state of fleeting rapture.


Followed almost immediately by shame and loathing.


So yes, to answer the question regarding this position, I do know something of Profit and Loss. Please reply to this email with your salary and retirement savings plan(s).

Kind regards,

Todd Stalinson.


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