Saturday, May 19, 2007

Guest post from Sherlock Holmes fan, Jon Murfehr

I'm a big Sherlock Holmes fan. Have read all the stories. Have seen all the movies. Especially love the accurate-to-the-letter BBC series starring Jeremy Brett, largely considered the definitive Holmes.

So, imagine my delight when, on a recent visit to England, I went to the Sherlock Holmes pub. An entire public house liberally festooned with all things Holmes! Whilst there, I made the acquaintance of a quirky young lady.
She considered this legendary fictional (do I dream that he was indeed, an actual person? Yes, yes I do!) character "cool" and seemed rather interested in my vast knowledge of the world's greatest detective.

Emblodened and feeling that a connection was being made, I waxed eloquently and inbibed liberally, filled with a sense that this night was going to come to a most satisfying conclusion.

As it turned out, the young lady was merely biding some time before a concert by some group called "The Revolting Cocks". She neither knew much of, and cared less for, the Sleuth of Baker St. and was there simply because the pub was across the street from the concert venue.

As I said, I'd inbibed liberally, in fact too liberally and before I knew it, the young lady was leaving, making what my ears took as a disdainful comments as to my age, my unrequited interest in her and my complete lack of composure. At which point, I immediately found myself in need of a basin of some sort.

This is me, in the men's room of the Sherlock Holmes pub.


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