Friday, September 15, 2006

"This next number takes me back a painful period in my life..."

Band Names pt. 3

Misquoted Virgins
Dirty Nails, Clean Mind
Poor Lily Jerk
Petey Was A Pit Bull
Little Dark Entryway
Mysterious Blue Hombre
The Inadmissible Feral Girls
Inbred Acquaintance
Before Stink Toe
Small Trouser Pistol
Obscure G-Balls
Yodel My Livelihood
Boogie Man-Child
Fat Ass Editor
The Psychedelic Guys
Subway Ear Cleaning
Lovely Lost Life
Veals on Wheels
O Solé Bob
Salve Feast
Sandpaper Crotch Party
Slimy Pen Seminar
Shirts vs. Skins
Inbred Artist
Death By Impotence
Missle of Apathy
Shiny Man Shiny
Obnoxious Hermit
GI Joe Hair
Myth Enlargement Device
Incense 'n' Alabama
Old Hippie Smell
New York, My Meat
Falsie Worshipper
The Oxymorons
Montana Manhole
Stinky & The Devil Guys
Generous Beard
Cancer Cures Life
I Don't Like Bubbie
2000 Italians
Spuds McSavant
Politely Psychotic
Forgotten Fellatio


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