Monday, January 09, 2006

I'm not going to endorse this page.
Damn, dirty Apes!

Gone With the Ape of LaMancha

St. Simian, The Papal Ape

Formula 1 Ape Racer and the Regina Gang

The Ape of Solitude Lost in New York

Shotgun Ape & Crazy Hilda Liverwurst

Percival Paisley Ape III Visits Ottawa

Easter Ape Goes to the Prom

Sailor Ape and the Spooky Kabuki's

Emerson Lake & Palmer & Ape

Super Jupiter Ape Discovers Fat Baby

Woody Allen vs. Sore Throat Ape

Hippie Ape and the Constitution Geezers

U.S. Ape and U.S. Alien Fight Dr. Bagdad

Rockin' Ape and The Monkee's Party on Monster Island

Tequila Ape & Garfunkle

How Valentine Ape Saved Christmas From Capt. Crotch

Pantyhose Ape, The Volvo Repair Ape

President Cracker and the Ape of Apocalypse

Spanish Ape Romances The Ham

The Ordeal of Pacifist Ape

Nude Druid Ape Runs For Congress

Triathalon Ape & Mudpie Slim

Minature Ape Copes With NAFTA

Mafia Ape, JFK & lil' Anal Alan Thicke

California Dreamin' Ape Buys Porn

Vietnam Vet Ape and His Wonderful Suitcase Sauce

Broadway Ape & Keanu Reeves Starring in "Commander Dumb-Ass and Ape - The Musical"

Poutine Ape vs. Saskatoon Robot

Orphan Ape vs. Gerard Depardieu's Breath

Boy Scout Ape Rides The Puberty Pony

Maniac Ape Cop and Rookie Ape Cop Hunt Superfly Pimp Ape

Pippa Peartree in "The Return of An Ape Called Man"

Le Ape et Le Meow dans Le Titanic avec Le Poulet Frite de la Kentucky

Snow White & Ape, Ape, Ape, Ape, Ape, Ape and Ape

Lord Apesley Apeswith's Olde Ape Style Fish 'n' Chips

The Congresswoman Who Crushed Cowboy Ape's Heart

"The Windy Candle Song" - A Tribute To Slag Ho Princess Ape

The AAA Report, Brought to You by Ass Acne Ape

Holy Hillbilly Ape Counsels Prime Minister Genitals

"Breakfast TV With Bacon 'n' Ape" - Kevin & Ape!

Sword of Justice Ape and Douchebag Ape in "The Stallone Brothers, Their Personal Odessey"

Buck Staghorn Ape's Black Angus Gay Ape Steakhouse

"Apey Days", starring Ron Howard as "Clean Ape" and Henry Winkler as "Greaser Ape"

Corporate Ape Gets Sued by Captain Bambi Jr.

Bazooka Ape and Gradma Luge Beat Dr. Bikini at The American Olympics

The 3 Ape Lone Rangers and The 3 Ape Tonto's Save Christian Kitty

TV Doctor Ape Starring in "Batman - The Ape"

Ape Starring in "Ape - The Animated Series"

"The Incredible String and Glue Flying Machine of Phineas Q. Quackenbush and Bird Faced Girl"
by Ape Vonnegut Jr.


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